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Noxious weeds cannot be effectively controlled with general use herbicides available to landowners. Because it is your responsibility to ensure that noxious weeds are controlled and contained on your property, taking precautionary measures by developing an effective, long-term noxious weed control plan should be an integral part in the enhancement and protection of your land from the harmful effects of invasive species.

One of the most effective and environmentally safe methods to contain or eradicate noxious weeds is to utilize the services offered by Moose River. Our licensed applicators are equipped with specialized equipment that enables us to effectively treat areas that are difficult to reach.
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Noxious Weed Control
Noxious weed control will soon become a household name as common as pollution, global warming and erosion. The Earth’s natural landscape is adversely changing due to the spread of noxious weeds in weed-free zones. To prevent the spread of noxious weed seed and plant parts to a weed-free area begins with public awareness. Not only are weeds unintentionally transported by means of motor vehicle sources including watercraft, pull-trailers, heavy equipment, and even trains, but seeds are also spread unsuspectingly by fleece and hair of pets and livestock and through human contact by inconspicuously embedding in tools, gear, boots, and clothing. Unfortunately, unmanageable sources of contamination including forces of nature such as wind, water, wild animals and birds can also influence the spread of noxious weeds. For more information on noxious weeds and how to identify them, please visit our Noxious Weed Information link.

Because of the economic and ecological threats caused by invasive, noxious weeds, state agencies have enacted laws to control the introduction and spread of such non-native plants into weed-free areas. Furthermore, landowners are increasingly becoming aware of the fact that they are now held responsible for controlling noxious weeds on his or her property.

Moose River, LLC is here to help landowners, business owners, outdoor activity coordinators, outdoor recreationists, and government agencies meet the strict noxious weed control requirements mandated by law. Call us today for more information and let us help you get the job done.