Moose River, LLC

Cold Water Pressure Washer System

Cold Water Washer System Key Features
  • 550 gallon capacity water storage/holding tank
  • Industrial high pressure, high volume pump system
    • Designed to transport water for underbody washer and hand-held wands
    • 1000 psi @ 18 gpm
    • Powered by a 20 horsepower, Honda® engine
  • Hand-held wand system washes the vehicle’s exterior surfaces
    • Two high pressure wands with rotating turbo nozzles
    • 1000 psi @ 4 gpm each
  • Underbody washer system washes the vehicle’s underbody
    • Six high pressure, high volume fan nozzles are attached to underbody washer
    • 800 psi @ 18 gpm total
  • Industrial strength rubber mat
    • 19’ X 33’
    • Foam filled barriers on all sides
    • Protective felt liner
    • Mending kit
  • Two electrically powered sump pumps
    • Move waste water to and from (2) 175 gallon cone bottom settling tanks
    • Powered by a 5,000 watt gasoline generator
  • State-of-the-art filtration system for waste water treatment
  • 8’ manually operated mat reel with locking mechanism (a 12 volt electrical reel is available)
  • Components are mounted on a twin axle, 8’ X 18’ trailer
  • Does not require the use of soaps, chemicals, or detergents
Download the Cold Water Pressure Washer System Feature Sheet for detailed specifications and features.

Our cold water wash system utilizes low pressure/high water volume for noxious weed removal and other decontamination applications.
Our crew in action!