Moose River, LLC

Providing safe, compliant, and cost effective services for you and your environment since 1999!

Moose River, LLC was established in 1999 by Brent Orr and Kelley Brown under the business name of "BKB Enterprises". At that time, the primary business focus was to construct and contract wild land fire equipment in response to the need for immediate management and maintenance of wildfires. Over the years, as the market changed and as our customer base expanded, we began providing products and services across multiple industries including forestry, rail, firefighting, and environmental. With this welcomed growth in business, the decision to institute a new business name - one that established a stronger sense of identity - seemed appropriate. Thus, in 2013, "Moose River, LLC" was born.
Because an opportunity existed due to the widespread awareness of the negative impact of noxious weed infestation on the ecosystem, Moose River began the construction and sales phase of high-pressure washing systems. This shift in business has resulted in a successful, sustaining company with a promising future.
Weed infestations continue to grow at an alarming rate having detrimental effects on our environment both locally and globally. This problem has undoubtedly caused the control of noxious weeds to grow increasingly complex. Hence, our mission is dedicated to partner with both private enterprise and government entities to provide environmentally safe wash equipment to effectively control noxious weeds.
Moose River will continue to spread the word about invasive weeds and assist organizations in preserving and restoring the wild lands of Montana and neighboring states. Providing state of the art wash units to assist in meeting the noxious weed laws has moved to the forefront in our war on weeds.
While the utilization of high-pressure wash equipment still forms a core part of our business, we will continue to expand our company’s service offerings that will benefit our customers and allow our business to grow.