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Pressure Washing ● Noxious Weed Control ● Industrial Parts & Supply ● Metal Working Services ● Wildland Fire Suppression ● Snow Plowing ● Sandblasting Services

Serving Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Wyoming, & North Dakota

Located in Northwest Montana, Moose River, LLC is a full service provider meeting the growing demands of environmentally safe cleaning, decontamination, and restoration services while offering solutions for industrial, commercial, agricultural, residential, and recreational concerns.
Our Services Include:
• Industrial Pressure Washing Services
• Heavy Equipment Cleaning & Decontamination
• Residential Weed Control Services
• Commercial Weed Control Services
• Industrial Weed Control Services
• Auto, Truck and Industrial Parts & Supply
• Welding, Machining, & Other Metal Working Services
• Sandblasting Services
• Wildland Fire Suppression & Standby Preparedness
• Residential Snow Plowing Services
• Commercial Snow Plowing Services
• Wood Chipping Services
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